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Grooming. Culture and Style for the Modern Gentleman

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    We love a good whisky, and even more than that, we love a good whisky cocktail. Other things we love include good music, good burgers, and parties in a giant crate. So you can understand our excitement when we heard about Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky's Cutty Cargo London party.

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  • 08/16/13--08:01: In Praise of AVB’s Beard.
  • Andre Villas Boas is arguably the most well-groomed man in football and deserves our attention and appreciation.

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    This September we'll be popping up to cut hair, trim beards, shave stubble and style ‘tashes live from the lobby at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

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  • 08/23/13--08:49: The Glamour of 50s Havana.
  • We take a look at the vintage glamour and tranquil romanticism behind the much sought after location.

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    We've picked out some of our favourite grooming scenes from films that within their own context, relay the art of shaving and the significance of barbershops.

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    We're incredibly excited to announce that our Shoreditch shop will soon be displaying specially created works by Donald Urquhart, courtesy of Maureen Paley.

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    We are incredibly excited to be hosting a private art viewing next Thursday in our Shoreditch branch.

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    As previously announced, in association with Maureen Paley we are pleased to soon be able to display a unique selection of art by Donald Urquhart in our Shoreditch branch.

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    Our Donald Urquhart exhibition in Murdock Shoreditch is up! We’re extremely excited about the five ink on paper illustrations we have hanging in our Redchurch St shop and think they’re well worth a visit. What with this being the internet and all though, you may well be reading this in another dapper corner of the [...]

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    This week, as part of the London Design Festival and the Shoreditch Design Triangle, our Redchurch Street branch is displaying a fantastic ceramic shaving set hand-crafted by Central Saint Martins graduate Charlotte McLeish.

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    The annual London Cocktail Week begins today and runs until the 13th October.

    The atmosphere around Seven Dials is already beginning to buzz as stalls and pop-up shops prepare to provide some fine cocktail tasting in its masses.

    As of this afternoon, we are providing our Monmouth Street clients with the opportunity to sip and enjoy a Langley's Gin & Tonic as they receive their luxury grooming services for the event duration.

    As Cocktail Week participants, we are also keeping our doors open on Thursday evening until 9pm to host a Gentlmen's Gin evening to enjoy two amazing gin cocktails being showcased by Langley's No.8.

    Langley's are an authentic British gin company with a passion for quality and tradition in both production and flavour. This causes their gin to be a totally understated and sophisticated choice of tipple.

    For more information and insight into Langley's Gin, see our interview with brand founder Mark Dawkins. In the meantime, cast your eyes and attempt to restrain your tastebuds as we reveal the two cocktails being served at our Monmouth Street branch this Thursday...


    The Ultimate G&T:

    The perfect G&T is a classic creation and the right ingredients are vital.

    Starting with a chilled highball glass, we fill with ice cubes and pour 50ml of Langley's® No.8 over. After listening for the crack, we then top the glass up with fresh sparkling tonic. Next we gently squeeze a little bit of lime juice into the glass and then drop the whole wedge in. One final stir and you have the definitive G&T to savour and enjoy.



    Dry Martini:

    Pouring 50ml Langley's No.8 and 12.5ml of Dry Vermouth into a cocktail shaker, we add ice and stir slowly to mix and create a dilution. The mixture is then strained into a chilled martini glass and a peel of lemon is twisted over to garnish. The Martini is then ready to serve & be enjoyed.
    For more information about London Cocktail Week and to purchase your wristband, you can visit the website here.

    Our event is guestlist only, however Cocktail Week wristband wearers may queue outside for entry.

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    As we celebrate London Cocktail Week from today until Sunday in Seven Dials and host a private Gin Evening in our Monmouth Street branch on Thursday, we thought it only essential to provide you with some insight into our spirit providers, Langley's.

    First and foremost, Langley's No.8 is a unique gin, made with a secret blend of eight botanicals. Hand crafted and distilled, the gin is blended using only 100% English Grain Spirit, delivering a smooth and rounded finish as a result. Quintessentially English, Langley's No. 8 provides an elegantly well-rounded taste.

    We spoke to Langley's founder Mark to understand more about the history behind the brand's making and what makes their gin such an appealing and stylish spirit to drink...


    Could you tell us a bit about the brand’s history and legacy?

    Langley's No.8 was 18 months in development. The balance of botanicals, choosing the right grain spirit and getting the strength right were the main stages of getting our recipe perfected. Langley's Distillery was the natural choice for us to partner to develop our unique recipe; they are the oldest independent/family owned gin distillery outside of London, they still only use traditional, small batch, hand-crafted methods and they were as passionate as us at working to perfect our recipe with us. We launched our brand 6 months ago when we bottled our first batch. The name of our brand comes from the distillery, of course and, the No.8 part comes from the batch number we signed off. We tasted 12 final strengths/versions of our gin and the 8th one of the 12 was the one signed off.


    What do you think is influencing modern gentleman to drink more gin?

    Gentlemen have been drinking gin since it was originally founded. In previous researches, every gentleman on our panel was a gin drinker and they are a huge part of UK gin consumption. The increased awareness & interest in gin in recent years, driven by more artisan brands coming onto the market, has driven this consumption further.


    How have images and the portrayal of gin changed through time and how have Langley's been a part of this?

    The recent gin renaissance has been largely down to the more boutique, artisan and micro-distillery gins coming onto the market, made with more passion, care and enthusiasm. That said, however, I think most gin brand owners would have to agree that the catalyst for all of it starting some years ago was largely down to Hendricks.


    What makes Langley’s No 8 gin unique?

    Every gin is unique and it is easy to get different flavour profiles because one can use unique and different balances of botanicals to get different flavour profiles. Ours is a unique recipe in terms of the balance of botanicals, the English grain spirit we use and the strength (ABV %). In terms of our positioning and strategy; we are the first gin to specifically target the discerning gentleman.



    Could you tell us about the atmosphere of the distillery? Is it a place that oozes a sense of history and authenticity?

    It is like going back in time about 100 years. Copper and original oak dominate the distillery where it all happens, it is in the heart of the industrial origins of The Black Country. The botanicals are stored in hessian sacks with the botanical names stamped on them which again gives it a feel of times past. Our recipe is stored in a very old safe which you can see on arrival.

    What are the unique values of gin that alternative spirit options lack?

    Gin is perceived as quintessentially English and there is a huge amount of history given that London gin houses have been around for more than 300 years. It is a spirit deemed for the more affluent, traditional consumer in the same way as Malt Whisky and Cognac. When you compare it to other white spirits, it appeals to a broader age range and a more affluent consumer. It is easier to drink and more accessible for the younger consumer than whisky and cognac too.


    Do you think that the grand establishment of Gin & Tonic overshadows the broader range of possibilities with gin? Is this predominately an English concern?

    G&T is actually a global thing. 99.9% of gin is probably drunk in this format but, in more upmarket establishments, The Martini has a disproportionate share of voice. Langley's No.8 is also excellent when consumed neat or over ice, as a digestif. This isn’t something I see catching on, but it is a great way to get the full-flavour profile of any gin and, with ours, it particularly shows off the smoothness and length, something which a lot of gins do not deliver.


    Are there any unusual or perhaps unexpected gin combinations that you would recommend people give a try?

    I was at a function the other night and someone was drinking it with Ginger Ale (not my personal recommendation!) Cocktails continue to evolve and basil is becoming very popular amongst bartenders. We have created a cocktail using fresh whole basil leaves and this, along with Elderflower, fresh lemon juice and fresh apple juice, delivers a fabulous cocktail. You will be able to see this recipe on our website soon.



    Similarly to the Murdock ethos, you ensure that Langley’s gin is ‘as quintessentially English as possible’. How much of a distinct value do you think this description puts upon your product?

    A lot. We use only English Grain Spirit to distil our botanicals and we still use a copper pot that was made in England in 1960 (a lot are made overseas and imported these days). Gin, both here and in export markets, is deemed as being English as Whisky is Scottish so it is important, in our opinion, to stick to these traditions to give the brand longevity and a classic, timeless feel.


    This Thursday our Monmouth Street branch will open until 9pm serving up Langley's gin cocktails to private guests. For more information, please see our event post.

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    Last night, our Master Barber Alex Glover and King St Head Barber Matt Hughes were on styling duty at the Savile Row Bespoke Launch. This was an Autumn/Winter showcase held at the Sartoria restaurant.

    The Savile Row Bespoke Association is dedicated to protecting and promoting the practices and traditions that have made Savile Row the acknowledged home of the best bespoke tailoring and a byword for unequalled quality the world over.


    Brilliant beards were likewise sharpened and trimmed to compliment the high standards in clothing.

     When strong, lengthy beards and short, sharp buzzcuts collide, outstanding outcomes are achieved.

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    Last weekend, The Evening Standard Magazine's cover article looked into the rise of male grooming and the feminine perspective on the contemporary industry change.

    As part of the feature, written by Men's Health Style Director Dan Rookwood, Murdock London is highlighted as being a member of the grooming surge forefront, and Managing Director Brendan is also quoted regarding his views on what's caused the boom:

    "Men are absolutely more developed in their tastes. That's reflected in the growth of British menswear brands such as Oliver Spencer and Sunspel, and a re-emerging market for bespoke suits and handmade British shoes. My brand caters both for the slick City banker and the heavily bearded Shoreditch creative. What they all appreciate is individual service and the masculine environment."

    How did you fair in comparison to Dan's active daily grooming routine and attitude to looking after himself as a modern man?



    Pride Of Place: Murdock Beard Moisturiser as part of the Mighty Beard Box.

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    As the London Film Festival comes to a close this weekend, we've taken a look back at the astounding array of films that have been presented at this year's showcase.

    The vast selection of films being debuted - from small, charming independent numbers to potential box office toppers span seemingly every possible genre, but our focus here are the movies that both represent and feature key MurdockMan qualities. From slick and dapper leading men to intelligent themes and stylish settings, let us present you with our nominated highlights and favourite picks:


    Saving Mr Banks:

    As one of the most publicised and featured films on the Festival's calendar, John Lee Hancock provides his account of the true story behind Mary Poppins' journey to the big screen. Packed with emotion, humour and depth in storytelling, a fantastic cast is lead by Emma Thompson as PL Travers, joined by Tom Hanks looking the classic, dapper, gentlemanly part as he portrays Walt Disney.


    Captain Phillips:

    Tom Hanks has naturally become a figurehead for this year's festival, playing his part in two of the biggest films on the bill. As Captain Richard Phillips, we see the same man that fits so gracefully in Walt Disney's sharp suit with a slick haircut provide audiences with a much rawer shade of masculinity. Rugged, earnest and in a desperate situation, this intensified side of Hanks is sure to steal the show in Paul Greengrass' dramatisation of the 2009 hijacking of a US container ship.


    The Double:

    Richard Ayoade's directorial talent brings us Jesse Eisenberg's beat down and directionless character who sees his confident, more successful doppelganger join the same company as him and effortlessly work his way up the ladder. Ayoade's brilliance in dark humour, bold irony and emotive impact collide with Fyodor Dostoevsky’s celebrated novel to provide a distinctly contemporary update of a literary classic.


    La Belle et la Bête:

    Jean Cocteau’s Gothic fantasy has been digitally restored to mark the 50th anniversary of the director's death. Having access to the diary kept by Cocteau during filming, this updated version has taken accurate notes from the director to complete the originally intended look and sound of his film. Pivotal Gothic elements within this classic convey a truly deep and dark tale from a director affected by attention to style throughout all of his work.



    Approaching the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, Journalist Peter Landesman’s debut feature re-creates the events of the day and the period that followed from the perspectives of the working people directly involved. Not just sharp suits and slick haircuts, but immense character performances and truly broad detail complete this dynamic portrayal.


    As I Lay Dying:

    This year James Franco has appeared to have been creatively busier than ever - if such a thought is possible. Intelligence, filmmaking craft and attention to detail provide an accurate cinematic take on William Faulkner's 30s novel that is set to provide some immense visual inspiration for men worldwide.


    Inside Llewyn Davis:

    The Coen Brothers look to provide as true and honest a portrayal of the early 1960s folk era as possible, and it appears they have achieved just that. A splendid cast meet fantastic music production and the end result is an intimately attractive account of a young musician trying to make it as a solo artist.


    Kill Your Darlings:

    Daniel Radcliffe plays a young Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas' feature, as we see him desperate to escape from his academic prison and figure out the man he wants to be. Appearing stylised to a tee, this looks like a film fit for wardrobe inspiration as much as pure cinematic pleasure.


    The Last Impresario:

    Labelled as 'the most famous person you've never heard of', Gracie Otto's bio-documentary of Michael White puts the spotlight on the man who produced over 300 shows (Rocky Horror..) and movies (Monty Python's Holy Grail..) over the last 50 years. Interviews with close friends spanning Anna Wintour and Kate Moss, as well as speaking to White himself provide the most open insight into the life and career of the man who irrevocably shaped the cultural scene of 1970s London.


    Hello Carter:

    Making his directorial debut, Anthony Wilcox presents an alternative take on the rom-com format. Lead character Carter has had a bad year to say the least, and upon attempting to turn things around, events take a wild, spiralling turn and spread across the capital.



    Formerly publicised MurdockMan Tom Hardy makes his screen return in Steven Knight's tale of a structural engineer's car journey to London from Wales. The footage was entirely shot over 8 days and focuses on the evening before a seminal step in Ivan Locke's (Hardy) career. As one mistake leads to a complete breakdown in control of his life, the atmosphere of the film is tightly concealed within the interior of the car, providing an undeniable level of cinematic intensity.


    All Images © BFI

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    In this evening's Deluxe ES Magazine - an issue that features particularly beardy gentlemen models throughout and also has a wonderful Interior segment based in Jeremy Hackett's late-Georgian cottage - some of our finest grooming products have been featured.

    Having curated the interior of a bathroom cabinet to suit the needs of both bearded and fresh-faced chaps, our recently released Cedarwood and Peppermint Shaving Soap is met on top by one of our white straight razors, with both hovering above Wild Berry Beardsley Shampoo and our top-selling Beard Moisturiser.

    These fantastic items from our grooming arsenal can be purchased online and across all of our London branches.

    Here's to a merry weekend of inspired grooming.

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    One of the world's leading art fairs, in which certified masterpieces are put on public display came to Regent's Park last week, and we paid a visit to view some of the fantastic work.

    Over 1000 of the world's leading artists are featured at the event, and with the option to browse and even purchase some of the most prestigious art known to man, the bespoke setting truly opens the art world up to everybody.

    Here were some of our favourite sights from Frieze 2013:






    A proud sighting: Current Murdock Shoreditch artist Donald Urquhart.


     John Stezaker - Untitled, 1990


    Derek Jarman - Untitled (Wilsonian), 1986 


     Rob Pruitt - hmmm. 2013





    Alighiero Boetti - Alternandosi e dividendosi, 1989 


    Marcin Maciejowski - Bar at Wilkinson Gallery II, 2013


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    We can proudly announce that as of today, our extensive range of grooming and lifestyle products are available to buy at Harvey Nichols.

    Here is a shot of the elegant and appealing space that we have created within the Knightsbridge branch.

    To coincide with the introduction of our products to the Harvey Nichols assembly, we are also hosting a launch event in the Menswear Department tomorrow evening.

    If you would like to attend and enjoy some personal Murdock grooming whilst sipping on Langley's gin cocktails and potentially winning some fantastic Murdock prizes, you can RSVP to


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    Actor and model Jack Guinness is taking his place behind the decks on DJ duty this evening, as we celebrate the launch of Murdock London at Harvey Nichols with a Movember party.

    The event is taking place in the Menswear Department at Harvey Nichols Knightbridge, and you still have time to RSVP to



    In anticipation of the event, we took a few moments to speak to the handsomely bearded chap as he prepares to fuel the night with the perfect mix of tracks.


    Hello Jack, you've got a great, full bodied beard, how proud of it are you? Would you be most likely to shave it off for love, money or to change your identity whilst on an international espionage trail? (Or for another reason?) 

    I suppose I'm quite proud of it?! I can only be grateful to puberty! I suppose it's strange to be proud of something I have nothing to do with. I just let nature take its course. Would I shave it off? I am rather attached to it. People get horrified (and I mean HORRIFIED) at the idea of me shaving it which always makes me laugh. It'll just grow back. I think it's my Irish genes that make it grow so fast- I get a five ‘o’clock full beard. I grew it because I was too lazy to shave years ago - it's funny it seems to be such a fashion statement at the moment. I love the idea of the bearded community growing (sorry, I can't stop making terrible puns).


    A lot of the shoots you do as a menswear model are suited up for tailors? Do you think that wearing a suit with a full face of facial hair gives a different type of edge to a suit? And vice versa, do you think that the suit shines a different light on a beard and perhaps some people's perceptions of a bearded man? 

    Sometimes guys in suits can look a little over-polished. It's always a good idea to do something to rough it up a bit... grow a beard, have shaggy hair, or leave you flies undone. I've done all three and I must say that a beard works best. A few years ago the only famous bearded men were Mr Twit (read: cornflakes in beard) or Santa (read: fat, but generous old man). Now they're everywhere. I was once waiting outside a bank and a sweet little girl walked by and handed me twenty pence. She thought I was homeless. It happens. I suppose if I'd been wearing a suit she may have just walked on by, or just made it ten pence instead.


    You also act, where did you start?

    I remember playing angel Gabriel in nursery. I guess all that attention flicked a switch in me I haven't been able to turn off since. Kind of pathetic really.


    What future roles do you have coming up?

    Lots of exciting projects - but I can't say too much because I don't want to jinx them.
    I've started making lots of funny little video clips and writing more- they're all up on I like the speed of making stuff and getting it out there quickly without having to rely on a team or waiting for someone else to give me a job. I'm also going to making some documentaries soon which should be a hoot.



    Do you prefer acting in stage or film?

    They're both so different. The immediacy of stage is brilliant. Film has its own rewards. The flow of theatre and the presence of the audience however make it pretty unbeatable.


    If you could have been anyone else in the history of the world who would it have been?

    Um.. Not sure. Probably Grizzly Adams - Google him. He's a real man's man.



    You're djing the launch party of Murdock at Harvey Nichols, what music do you like to play at events like this?

    Whatever gets the crowd going. Hard.


    And when you're chilling at home, what do you like to listen to?

    The sound of the rain against the window pane and my tears. And Northern Soul.


    Movember is about to start. Who has your all-time favourite moustache?

    Tom Selleck in Magnum PI. A perfect synergy between man and moustache- they both mean business.



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    The doors to Dapperland are now officially open and we extend an invitation to welcome you to our winter lodge at Somerset House. 



    Overlooking the spectacular ice rink at one of London's most popular winter attractions, our lodge is located within the elegant Christmas arcade, the premier pop-up mall featuring the very best of British brands and independent artisans.  We will be in residence until the 4th of January. 



    Reflecting the glamour of 1950s French and Swiss ski resorts Chamonix, St Moritz and Gstadd, we worked with designer Andres Ros Soto to create a truly unique christmas shopping destination.



    Central to the space is the Murdock Lodge showcasing our extensive selection of grooming products. Alpine tree wallpaper encloses the space and vintage ski posters, memorabilia and accessories help to complete the truly inspired and stylish winter environment. 



    We have also launched several new products for our Christmas gift range, including dapper mugs with skaters, skiiers and hockey players, chocolate and raspberry moustache lollies made by Coco Loco and our jaunty ski socks.



    Our barbers will be popping up within the space to help prepare gentlemen’s beards and moustaches for the ice, so if you would like to enquire about booking the space, please contact

    In the meantime, enjoy your skate and absorb the warm, cosy atmosphere of our winter dapperland.

    Also keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming MurdockMan event. More info to follow!


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